Past Shows

Our goal is to create performance formats based on inspirations from what goes on around us. We pitch ideas and then work to develop them over a number of months. We aim to produce at least one format during our season.

Artwork by Jonathan Argue

meme machine

Concept by members of Imaginary Table Theatre.

Performed December 2016.

Three improv scenes that are each based on a current meme. Watch how they create an entire story from a single meme and then see which one survives.

© Can Stock Photo Inc.

Book Club

Concept by Emily Fraser, member, Imaginary Table Theatre.

Performed June 2017.

Based loosely on Canada Reads, this show involves performers trying to sell a book that they have never read by creating scenes based on the book jacket. Only the most compelling will move on to the next round.

Artwork by Chris Lynch
Poster design by Chris Lynch

Black Eyed Blonde

Created by Randy Dixon, Artistic Director, Unexpected Productions.

Performed May 2018.

A Film noir improv based on stereotypical characters of that genre and a crime chosen by the audience. Each performance is an improvised story about grifters, dames and private eyes.

Artwork by Chris Lynch
Design by: Chris Lynch

Hats of life

Concept by Cole Duthler, member, Imaginary Table Theatre.

Performed January 2019.

An original improv based on a hat chosen by the audience. This character based improv explores our expectations of certain character types but throws in enough surprises to keep an audience engaged.

Photo credit: Chris Lynch

12 Angry Improvisers

Concept by Lily Macgregor, member, Imaginary Table Theatre.

Performed June 2019

Like NCIS meets Law and Order. Watch as our group of brave improvisers create a crime, a trial and the back story that leads us all there.